4 Methods to configure multiple environments in the AWS CDK

In this post I will explore 4 different methods that can be used to pass configuration values to the AWS CDK. We will first look at using the context variables in the cdk.json file, then move those same variables out to YAML files. The third method will read the exact same config via SDK(API) call from AWS SSM Parameter Store. The fourth and my favourite is a combination of two and three in conjunction with using GULP.js as a build tool.

CloudFront reverse proxy API Gateway to prevent CORS

In this blog we will do a quick recap of CORS and reverse proxies. Then we will show how a reverse proxy can eliminate CORS, specifically in the context of a SPA hosted on CloudFront with an API Gateway backend. The sample code focuses on public, authenticated routes (Authorization header) and IAM signed request all being reverse proxied through CloudFront.