šŸ‘‹ I'm Rehan!

I make things go fast with AWS Serverless

Turning an unhealthy amount of coffee into outcomes by delivering value beyond code. I am an AWS Community Hero and Founder of Cloud Glance which I am building in public.

Iā€™m a passionate multilingual developer/architect focusing on AWS, Serverless and all that AWS has to offer. I enjoy new challenges and being a trailblazer, moving fast and not breaking things. I believe in proper documentation and staying true to my work ethics.

With the building blocks of AWS I have been able to create architectures to solve all problems I have been faced with. These problems were solved keeping in mind scalability, availability, durability and security.

I organize the AWS PTA Meetup and do the occasional presentation as well. I am an avid blogger, helping the AWS community where possible, always lurking in all the #aws slack channels and answering questions. I have a strong background in Electronic and Electronic Communications Engineering, but my focus has since shifted to focus on everything AWS.

I currently hold 3 AWS certifications (including AWS Certified Solutions Architect ā€“ Professional) and I am passionate about serverless and architecting big data and microservices. My favorite languages include JS, TS, and PHP, Golang but I am multilingual and have touched on many industries and technologies.